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Lunch Fresh From The Garden

Today’s lunch came directly from my garden to the kitchen, to the pan and then my tummy. It had been picked less than an hour when I was stuffing myself – with reverence of course! All told there was zucchini, … Continue reading

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Chicken Divan

Ohmagosh! Can anyone say Chicken Divan!? Made from scratch – the old fashion way. Okay sure I have tweaked it a tiny bit, but not much. Many years ago, like in the 1970’s after my maternal grandmother died I found … Continue reading

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Breakfast Was Leftovers

I am a miser. Even with food. Don’t misunderstand that – I will not eat food that is about to go over!! But a miser I am and I like to use leftover in creative ways. Remember that marv potato … Continue reading

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Fried Green Tomatoes

I love fried green tomatoes! And the tomato plants are loaded right now. There is a gazillion ways to fry green tomatoes – take your pick. I’ll list some guildlines. Make sure the tomatoes are large, firm and shiny. I … Continue reading

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Long Time No see

An invitation to a Facebook food group has refreshed my interest in this blog. It’s been over a year since I have even looked in here. Where does the time go? Too busy – but now I find myself allowing … Continue reading

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Aroma Dolce in West Plains, Fine European Cuisine

I was of the understanding there would be Pakistani food. I was wrong. I’m not sure how the miscommunication happened. Aroma Dolce Cafe and Bakery is always a delight serving up European food. They were unfortunately, out of Plov, so … Continue reading

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Sixteen Pints

My first serious foray into canning. I know, I know, I come off as a serious Suzi-Homemaker type, and even though that is true I’ve always feared canning. I am a freezer! Not frigid mind you, well my food is … Continue reading

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Dusit Thai Cuisine

It’s about time we got a Thai restaurant in this neck of the woods! You may know Thai is one of my favorite cuisines and I will usually drive out of my way to get goo Thai food. Now it’s … Continue reading

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Ozark Bounty; OR The Last Trip, Strawberry patch in the Making

A few months ago I would have laughed at you if you’d told me I would inherit not only the recently much lusted after asparagus bed but a strawberry bed also. When we’re living right (and that’s according to each … Continue reading

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Tommy’s Famous, some of the best pizza in the Ozarks!

Originally posted May 3, 2009 in Moonmooring. Stop and enjoy some Tommy’s famous sometime soon! Busy day, thats all I can say. A wedding, a long drive and pizza at Tommy’s Famous. I stumbled on Tommy’s several years ago and … Continue reading

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