Recipe File

Chicken and Rice with Indian Spices , Moonmooring Original
Chicken Divan, from Grandma Thelma Sarah Hargett Dall
Chicken Pot Pie, a Moonmooring original
Cream of Celery Soup, Moonmooring original
Fried Green Tomatoes, A Moonmooring classic
Lentils with Fresh Vegetables , Moonmooring Original
Persimmon Pie, from “A Country Year” by Sue Hubbell
Poppy Seed Dressing, thanks to Judith Armstrong
Spanakopita, a Moonmooring Favorite
Spring Greens , Moonmooring Favorite
Steak and Noodles, a Moonmooring original
Tuna Salad with Roma’s, Moonmooring Favorite
Vegetable Trio, from “Joys of Jell-o”
Warm Potato Salad, a Moonmooring original


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