What I eat.


GADS I haven’t been here in three years. It must have been that guy I had pizza with in 2013 (see below). He is still with me and we are gardening and eating great food every day. Hey honey bun! aka Gene.

But today I cheated. The house was empty except for me, and my favorite alone meal is mac and cheese with tuna. Yep. I ate the whole thing. It was organic mac n cheese so you know. Shrug. Then I made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies, scooped them up and froze the unbaked dough on some cookie sheets. They were then bagged up in gallon zip locks for holiday baking. More about that later.


Breakfast; leftover Kabucha squash and roasted cauliflower, can of V-8, three Triscuits with almond butter. There was of course that coffee I love so much and several glasses of water. One of them with Redmond clay.

Lunch; leftover Vietnamese carryout from St. Louis via Mar. Way YUM!

Tonight I will have pizza with my guy and his friends!!


Breakfast was 2 scrambled in olive oil, with LOTS of onions and some kind of unidentified peppers from the garden, sliced tomato, home grown of course, hearty whole grain toast lightly buttered, sliced pears and a short glass of V-8. Seems like a lot of food but it is mostly vegetables.

Lunch was a salad (lettuce, celery, slivered onions, tomatoes) with a spoonful of leftover tortillini, a spoonful of hummus, a slice of french bread, more pears and a tall glass of water.


I made a big batch of lentils at Marideth’s house. I just looked around the kitchen to see what she had and cooked by  the seat of my pants so to speak. It almost always works out fine.


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