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Turkey Surprise

This year’s first turkey dinner was a surprise. There is something to be said for the spectacular task of preparing and presenting a twenty-four pound turkey to the dinner table. But I digress as it has been many years since a turkey … Continue reading

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Summers Bounty

This passing summer has seen a garden of amazing abundance – more than we could ever have hoped for. It was on a piece of ground that had not been tilled in many years. Everything we planted went in quite … Continue reading

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The Last Harvest!

I can only hope this to be near the last harvest! There are still scads of peppers, a few tomatoes and the sweet potatoes to harvest.

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Yellow Tomatoes

I swear I am not cooking one more tomato this season! So much abundance this year! I’ve resorted to pureeing, cooking and freezing the last of the yellow tomatoes. They aren’t good candidates for canning because of low acidity, unless … Continue reading

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Lunch Fresh From The Garden

Today’s lunch came directly from my garden to the kitchen, to the pan and then my tummy. It had been picked less than an hour when I was stuffing myself – with reverence of course! All told there was zucchini, … Continue reading

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Spanish Rice

Spanish rice is a long time favorite in my family. We can trace it back six generations. The seventh generation of Spanish rice eaters isn’t old enough to cook yet but they sure do enjoy it! Everyone alive now who … Continue reading

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Little Saigon

Vietnamese in St. Louis. Yes. It was my first time for this cuisine. The last new exotic Ethnic food was Ethiopian and it is still my favorite. The Vietnamese was fresh, light and delicious! The Ca Ri Ga is a … Continue reading

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DElicious Leftovers

In a hurry today, I took advantage of a few leftovers in the fridge – a few fat slices of garden ripe tomatoes and a meal was born. The recipe; Beef and Noodles 1 Tbls. coconut oil 1 small onion, … Continue reading

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Pesto Time!

I love pesto! Many of my friends love my pesto. Today finds me making pesto for the third time this season. There could be a big ole discussion on growing and harvesting pesto to maximise your efforts etc. But you … Continue reading

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Making Pasta – Therapy for bad days!

I’ve been wanting to make fresh pasta for years. Here is a perfect go at it – for me anyway. Now where is that pasta machine… yes I think there is one laying around somewhere.

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