Me …?

… I have too many blogs!

Food is one of my passions, perhaps my most passionate passion. I enjoy cooking, creating, and trying new recipes. I call myself a gardener even though I consider it a new endeavor and not one I was very successful at this past summer, but that’s another story! And I love to eat out, but not too often because it is difficult to get enough great vegetables that way. I am an omnivore with vegetarian tendencies. Several friends are doing the Raw Food thing and I find that intriguing.

Moonmooring was (and still is) my first blog. It included a lot about food, recipes, gardening and some restaurant reviews. Many of my friends kept chiding me to be more specific and make it a dedicated food blog, but I couldn’t quite give up the other aspects of it. I finally made the decision and …

Moonmooring Grub was born!

I hope you find an old favorite, or a new creation to add to your favorites; and enjoy the photos of beautiful food in the Ozarks!

The treaty of three women in the kitchen; speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil. Bonnie Appetite!

Moonmooring , life in the Ozarks, then and now.

A Wander-ful Story , my travels.
Visiting Greece , three weeks in Greece with my sister, a pictorial and diary.
Spidr Stone Art , stoned art, art that rocks, a pictorial.


2 Responses to Me …?

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  2. Moonmooring says:

    I find myself posting exclusively on Moonmooring of late. I will be back with more food posts soon!

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