Little Saigon

Vietnamese in St. Louis. Yes. It was my first time for this cuisine. The last new exotic Ethnic food was Ethiopian and it is still my favorite. The Vietnamese was fresh, light and delicious!


We started with Ga Xe Phay, slivered cabbage, shrimp, chicken, lime, cilantro, peanuts, sesame seeds and a light sweet dressing.

Then we had Ca Ri Ga and Dau Xao Toi.

Then we had Ca Ri Ga and Dau Xao Toi.

The Ca Ri Ga is a traditional yellow curry with potatoes and carrots. Lots of cilantro and lime juice and something hot. Maybe Thai chilies? I accidentally used too many Thai chilies in a pot of chili one time. It was deadly hot!

The Dau Xao Toi is seared green beans in a black bean sauce. It was marvelous.

I have nothing to compare with this restaurant but it was good enough that I would return to try more entrees. So, next time you are in St. Louis check out Little Saigon on Euclid.

bon appetite!

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