Breakfast Was Leftovers

I seldom use a Teflon pan

I seldom use a Teflon pan

I am a miser. Even with food. Don’t misunderstand that – I will not eat food that is about to go over!! But a miser I am and I like to use leftover in creative ways. Remember that marv potato salad I made last night? There was a small bowl left. It became breakfast.

So I heated the leftover potato salad – which you may remember did not have mayo in it – in a dry Teflon skillet. There was just enough oil coating the potatoes to keep them from sticking. Then I added three farm fresh eggs and cooked them until set but still a bit glossy. Really now, Marideth’s were left in the pan until they were dry. My sister and brother both like them cooked until they pop and try to jump out of the pan. But I digress.

A slab of multigrain toast, a dab of raspberry jam, orange slices and a meal was born!

As we say in the Ozarks…

bon appetite!

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