Another Canning Day, almost done for now

In spite of all the house cleaning I did today, I got those apples peeled and cooked into spicy applesauce. Lots of cinnamon! Yum.

My total yesterday on the pears was;

30 pints of pears

2 batches of pear jam

9 – 1/2 pints of pear butter

That's a size 13 shoe next to my Hubbard! I paid six bucks for that thing and it's going to make MANY meals.

I still need to get it all in the pantry and take some more photos. I am whipped out this weekend. Now I need another day to rest. Next on the agenda will be the Butternut squash, then the pumpkin and finally the Hubbard squash. That Hubbard will be a chore and a half. I’ll probably have to call Bro over to hack it open for me! In case you don’t read the comments, this in from my Mother;

You did well…Hey, sometimes its not easy to get the fruit packed so you don’t have it rise. I usually have that problem…I’ve tried everything. Yours look very nice, and pear juice is really nice to have. We usually don’t eat any fresh canned food till later toward winter or so…that is because we usually eat so much fresh stuff. Later in the season when there is no more fresh stuff, then it’s a good time to go for the canned stuff. I ration mine to last till next time I can again the next summer….keep up the good work on your canning. I even can meat. It sure brings out the flavor and is so nice to use. I do roast chunks, hamburger, shredded and what ever else looks good. Sure saves on freezer space too. One year we canned sausage patties, boy they were good. It was the year we got 10 antelope. So I had to can a lot of it. We used a lot of canned meat when we went camping before we got a small freezer for the truck, and even now. When we go in the RV, it’s nice to have canned meat also…and when you’re in a hurry to get something to eat. Guess I didn’t need to write so much…Love you…Mom

Wow Mom, that is a lot of canning! You know I don’t eat much meat so I probably won’t can any but I can see how it would be handy!

I LOVE my new steam canner you gave me. I really gave it a work out yesterday and I got comfortable with it. I’m going to use your words on my food blog, hope you don’t mind!

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