Lunch IN the Shower … how much time did that save me?

Confessions of a gardener!

So, I found myself in the shower eating lunch today. There was another task being accomplished also but I won’t bog you down with it. You might be curious as to why I was eating my lunch in the shower. Therefore I will tell you of my addiction.

This is my first tell all, no holds barred, self study, and blab about my deep dark secret. I am a hard core addict to gardening; baby plants aren’t safe alone with me around. I will buy, beg, steal, trade or acquire them in any manner I see fit in order to grow them.

Just last Monday evening I was at some friends house for dinner and taking a tour of their new place and garden. I spied a nine pack of what looked to be a brassica of some sort. This is my first year of official fall gardening … and I inquired of it; would they be planting those plants, or did they have everything in the ground they needed? They were done planting and I could have the nine pack of collard plants. Oh joy! Another nine pack! I already had three nine packs in the ground at home; what’s another nine?!

I also acquired, the very next day, 2 bales of peat moss, a large mass of remay (how do you spell that?) and many 10 gauge wire hoops to build small hoop houses for fall planting.

Still waiting to be transplanted one more time, were 14 cauliflower plants, ready and willing. The weather forecast continues to be hopeful, high 70’s predicted, I think we made it to eighty. I only had one late afternoon appointment. The whole morning was mine to work up a bed and transplant!

Well, I got a late start, coffee and a Martha Stewart magazine and all. Then just as I was eating breakfast, which happened to be fried green tomatoes, fried okra, jalapeno peppers and some sort of Italian pepper from Pat, the phone rang for an appointment. Yes, I could work them in this afternoon.

Now the rush was on; which is what I like best anyway … the rush. I did get a bed worked up, fertilized, watered, planted, mulched, staked and wire hoops put in place with the cauliflower. The new nine pack of collards? Oh I planted that at Marideth’s house the other day. At least it’s planted and I’ll get to look at it once in a while, maybe even water them and eat some of it.

So, at the very last minute I was picking up tools and rinsing them off, gathering plastic transplant pots from the ground, washing mud from about my person, and praying the deer don’t find the new plants without fence or cover! I ran into the house to see it about 15 minutes later than it could possibly be! Darn! To the kitchen I went, grabbed a couple slices of bread and cut a chunk of cheese and took my lunch of dry cheese sandwich to the shower with me. The water cascading over my head, I held it at arms length and stuck out my head to get the last two bites. I was very careful to chew slowly so as to not have any mishaps. Lunch consumed, in the shower, a first for me.

This evening on my way back from town I stopped by the super center giant evil empire made in China mega store to buy dog food. From the parking lot I could see, yes actually see into the garden center from where I was. They had MORE baby plants. I felt a little zip and a ping. I had a chat with myself before going in and left the store with only one six pack of Brussel sprouts. I’m so proud of myself! They had beautiful collards, cabbage, several types of herbs, the Brussels and even strawberries. It will be Friday before I can get them in the ground though. There are only so many hours in a day. But, that multi-tasking saved me at least four minutes today!

I am counting on this first fall garden endeavor to be spectacular at least! Happy gardening! I’m sure you noticed there aren’t any photos!

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2 Responses to Lunch IN the Shower … how much time did that save me?

  1. Will says:

    That is true talent.

  2. eb - mom says:

    Im impressed also…

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