Vintage Recipe Books, Wow! do I ever enjoy browsing through them!

I spent about an hour earlier this evening browsing through a few recipe books. I was looking for ideas on what to do with a Hubbard squash, which I purchased earlier today. But more about the Hubbard later! Such a blue beauty…

Anyway, I ran across some old fun favorites, Fondue For Fun and Joys of Jell-O to name a couple. After some serious thought I realized I haven’t used either one for 20 or more years and there is little to no chance that I ever will. So off to my Etsy store I went! And that is exactly where you will find them.

Sure would make a great Holiday gift! Check out Flink Pamingos for some great gift ideas! More items being added all the time.

Vegetable Trio

from Joys of Jell-O

1 – 6 oz. pkg. lemon Jell-O
1 Tbls. salt (wow that is a lot!)
2 C. boiling water
2 C. cold water
2 Tbls. vinegar
1 1/2 C. finely shredded carrots
1 3/4 C. finely shredded cabbage
1 tsp. minced chives
1 1/2 C. finely chopped spinach

Photo from Joys of Jello

Dissolve the Jell-O and salt in the boiling water. Add cold water and vinegar. Chill until slightly thick, divide into 3 portions. Fold carrots into one portion and pour into a 9X5X3 loaf pan, Chill until set but not firm. Fold cabbage into second portion, pour into pan and chill until set but not firm. Add the chives and spinach to the third portion and proceed as before. Chill until firm. Unmold. Slice and garnish with crisp greens. Makes about 6 cups or 12 side salads.

Note; I have never made this recipe. It actually sounds good though and I may try it sometimes. Hmm… food for thought.

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3 Responses to Vintage Recipe Books, Wow! do I ever enjoy browsing through them!

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  2. eb - mom says:

    Hey there Sarah….the jello receipe sounds great, but I would like to try it with different kinds of fruit also, hmmm, lots of ideas there….love you…mom

    • moonmooring says:

      Hey Mom! I wish I had more time to cook… I would actually make some of these recipes. They sound great, well except for the one called creamed chicken or some such. I was at my friends house for dinner last night and Lois had a vintage jell-O cookbook from 1950. It was really cool. I should have taken pictures. Next time.


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