It’s Getting Close to Persimmon Time (via Moonmooring)

I’ll have to get some persimmon recipes here and soon! I love the sweet rich taste of them fresh and in baked goods. I will try them in smoothies this year also!

It's Getting Close to Persimmon Time This Summer in the Ozarks was a gardeners nightmare! It started with a lovely Spring, great intermittent rain and warm temperatures. We often get a late frost and loose much of the fruit harvest but not this Spring! It has been an overly abundant Summer and Fall fruit harvest! Just yesterday on my morning walk I discovered the persimmons have started to ripen and even fall on the ground. Yes, I ate my first persimmon of the year yesterday, severa … Read More

via Moonmooring

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2 Responses to It’s Getting Close to Persimmon Time (via Moonmooring)

  1. Carl says:

    Just got through putting some paper bags around persimmons (fuyu or japanese persimmons that you actually eat when they are firm and hard – they taste kind of like a very sweet carrot) on our backyard tree (lin CA). The kind you showed look like native american persimmons I remember from my childhood growing up in KY. We would walk to school past a massive old persimon tree and I remember finding the ripe ones lying all over the sidewalk and lawn. Delicious. The asian variety called Hachia is like that you have to eat them when mushy, but they can be huge. I remember being up in Napa county north of San Francisco in October and seeing a huge old hachia tree where all the leaves had fallen and the globular orange fruit was hanging from the tree skeleton – gorgeous.

    • Moonmooring says:

      Thanks for the comment Carl. They are beautiful trees when loaded with fruit. I’ve never eaten the cultivated varieties. Kind of a hard nose about eating the wild ones. Yes I go out almost every morning this time of year and pick them right up off the ground and eat them! DElicious!


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