Early Spring Greens

Posted on April 4, 2009, at Moonmooring, this was my very first blog post ever. I was so excited. To be writing online in a blog and to be eating those delicious collard greens so early in the spring! So many new things!

I just ate the most remarkable bowl of greens I’ve ever had. The Ozarks are like that, ready greens early in the spring. I have one lone collard plant left over from last fall. It’s struggled through the winter and blessed me with some of the first spring greens to cook and eat.

I’ve had a few sides from the garden already; a rhubarb pie, two bowls of salad (mesclun, buttercrunch, green onions and herbs), and an early head of roasted garlic. I’ve been babying that collard plant knowing how tasty young, tender leaves cooked up in some sizzling bacon fat and onions would be!

Alas, there was no bacon grease to whet my pallet but olive oil was fine.

I stepped to the garden this evening after a full day of bright sunshine preceded by a slow rain yesterday to assess said collard. “I’m picking it”, I whispered to myself and plucked about a dozen smallish leaves, attacked the onion bed for new green tops and pinched a bit of oregano.

Once in the kitchen I rinsed the leaves, stripped the ribs and chopped the collards into a few strips. A tablespoon of olive oil in a small cast iron skillet accepted the greens with a sizzle. As soon as they were well coated and starting to settle down I added chicken broth to simmer.

As tender as they were it wouldn’t take long to get to the eating stage. I simmered them on low about 7 minutes and threw in a sinfully large handful of chopped green onion tops. Do you know what a handful of fresh green onion tops smells like? It’s enough to make a true Ozarkian swoon. I stirred the onions in gently just until they started to wilt then got them off the heat, added salt and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Heavenly is the only word I know to describe this dish.

I believe in my heart those greens provided me with more nutrition than the last weeks worth of store bought food. Life is good. In the Ozarks.

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One Response to Early Spring Greens

  1. moonmooring says:

    I’m loving this food blog! It’s going to be so much more fun than anything else!

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